Holiday Boarding
Send your exotic friend on a holiday of their own at Reptopia.

Small Lizards (0-15cm) £2.50
Medium Lizards (15-25cm) £3.00
Large Lizards(25cm+) £4.00
Small Snakes £2.00
Medium Snakes £2.50
Large Snakes £3.00
Tortoises £3.50
Insects £0.50
* Priced at per day
* Please book in advanced to avoid disapointment.

Health Checks, Sexing and Nail Clipping

We offer all of these services at Reptopia and are always happy to help.
* Please call first or book an appointment for these services. To ensure someone who is trained is availiable.

We offer free advice and information and can help you with any concerns you may have regarding your exotic pets health and care.
* Please note we are not trained vets. Please do not bring your animal into Reptopia if your pet is requiring urgent veterinary attention. We can provide you with contact details of your nearest exotic vet.

Exotic Pet Guarantee

We offer a 14 day guarantee on all of our exotic animals at Reptopia. This guarantee covers all exotic animals with health issues that have occurred naturally within 14 days of purchase.
Any naturally occuring illnesses requiring veterinary treatment / death of an animal within 14 days of purchase will be refunded or replaced.
* This guarantee is void if the exotic animal purchased from Reptopia is harmed due to human error. The animal must be housed in an set-up that is deemed suitable by Reptopia. This guarantee does not cover unwanted pets.